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The role of the INTERMEDIARY involves the search for the best solution through a consultancy that fully covers all the needs of the client company. Econetwork aims precisely at this!

Starting from the name, the philosophy and leitmotif that moves our work can be seen.

ECO because we always try to find the best solution, trying to ensure the most ECO-FRIENDLY impact possible with the most sustainable response.

Prefer recovery as a way to restore waste.

Taking into account our environment is essential to preserve and enhance its resources as these two elements, together with profit, generate a virtuous circle from which sustainability is born.

NETWORK because the aim, the ultimate goal of our work, is to create a network, a network of companies scattered throughout the territory, in Italy and beyond, which move to create a supply chain that leads the producer to reach the recovery or disposal in the best possible way.

Network as a way of operating between several players in the supply chain.

In this sense, the supply chain is seen as a synergistic mechanism where everyone works together to obtain the best result.

In fact, in our company philosophy, the NETWORK is the best organizational method to make the most of your activities without damaging the other players and, in our case, the surrounding environment.

That’s why ECONETWORK boasts long-lasting relationships with companies and plants located in the Sicilian territory, leading them to collaborate in a serene and profitable way.

Our company is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers of the Sicily Region at N. PA12338 with protocol n.24881 / 2016 of 29/10/2016 in category 8 – class C with Prot. N.23024 / 2019 of 28/10/2016 2019; we therefore deal with the disposal and recovery of waste, always without detention of the same. Econetwork is also registered in the White List at the Prefecture – Territorial Office of the Government of Agrigento as of 03 August 2017.